nashville vacation

Nashville by Olivia Siegel

One of the perks of living in Asheville, North Carolina, is being able to hop over to Nashville, Tennessee in just a few hours. My husband and I have been a handful of times in the last two years, and I wanted to compile a list of my favorite Nash-vegas stuff.

  • Fox House Nashville - This charming treehouse is an AirBnB in East Nashville. It's a rustic place with a bit of a walk to the bathroom, but it's also a charming respite from the hubbub of downtown.
  • Craft South - This is a crafter's paradise! Amazing modern fabrics, a small selection of yarn for knitting or weaving, and lots o' notions.
  • Gift Horse - A cute little gift shop with colorful note cards, pins, household decor, and more. A browser's dream.
  • Mas Tacos - What can I say? I am a total sucker for deep fried avocado on my tacos.
  • Barista Parlor - Great food and coffee. I would describe the ambiance as... "Millenial." You'll love it or hate it, either way it's an experience.
  • Rolf & Daughters - The food is amazing. Make a reservation. Eat. All. The. Things.
  • Pinewood Social - A great place to eat food, get a drink, relax in a big couch, work remotely, or bowl in a vintage restored alley.
  • Roberts - Great, live, honky tonk. Need I say more? Favorite spot on the "strip."
  • FLWR - Impeccable aesthetic flower shop. Houseplants, flower arrangements, all in a restored home in East Nashville.
  • Carter Vintage Guitars - My husband loves it. That's all.