Miss Molly by Olivia Siegel

The Howling Kettles are Sam Moss, Jackson Emmer, and Evan Cory Levine. This quirky stringband loves old time and bluegrass and singin' their hearts out. Check 'em out.

Stalker Blues by Olivia Siegel

I'm lucky to be dating a super creative, oddball man. He's a musician, a songwriter, an artist, and a whole lot more. I love when our forms of expression cross over and we get to collaborate, especially on spontaneous and casual video shoots like this one. All the audio was from my DSLR and, as you can see, the apartment was in its natural state of disarray. Enjoy Jackson Emmer's original song "Well Intentioned Stalker Blues."

Jackson Emmer: Songwriting, vocals, guitar
Mike Facey: guitar

All Wild Lovers by Olivia Siegel

Last week I shot Jackson Emmer and his band playing some of his original music in our living room. It was an upbeat, casual shoot, featuring the excellent guitar-work of Mike Facey and the skillful trumpet and keys of Chris Rose. We did a couple takes of this song, and this goofy, playful version was my favorite. Audio by Jackson Emmer.