Swannanoa River

Christian & Everest by Olivia Siegel

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is meeting and collaborating with other photographers! Sometimes this means a creative shoot where we push our skills, and sometimes it's as simple as trading services. Christian is a talented photographer whose business is called Foxhouse Studio. I photographed her and her son playing together in the Swannanoa River outside of Asheville, North Carolina.


Swannanoa Tee by Olivia Siegel

I love knitting and yarn and fiber in general, so whenever a fiber artist reaches out to me I totally geek out. Queue Suzanne Wadsworth, a burgeoning knitting pattern designer here in Asheville, North Carolina. Suzanne has a romantic aesthetic so we shot her new pattern next to the lovely Swannanoa River near Warren Wilson college. The river and the rolling green landscape made the perfect backdrop for her summer weight linen tee. Knitters, check out the pattern on Ravelry!